Vaccine Confidence Resources for Parents and Kids

We're thrilled to share our favorite resources for addressing vaccine hesitancy in our communities. Because there are many reasons for vaccine hesitancy, we're taking a "Persona" approach and honing in on specific groups and their motivations.

For parents, we've gathered some of the best-designed materials out there. Whether they're working through their own concerns, or coaching their children through their vaccine anxieties, parents have a unique set of vaccine-confidence needs.


Here are our picks for parents:

Vaccinations for Children

First up is a resource from the BC Ministry of Health and the BCCDC, "Vaccinations for Children: 5-11 Years Old". This is a great PDF covering the basics of the process of getting your kids vaccinated, with tips for parents to prepare your children to have a good experience.

"Before the appointment: Children should be told about the injection close to the actual day of the vaccine. For school-age children, one day before may be appropriate."

Doc Talk for Vaccine Confidence

Next up is a great series of videos from the First Nations Health Authority. "Talk to a Doc with Dr. Danièle Behn Smith: Should I get my child vaccinated?" is a quick and compelling chat with a trusted health professional. This video provides a clear and concise rationale for getting your children vaccinated to protect against COVID-19.

A Comic for Kids about Courage

To round out our favorite resources for parents, we wanted to include a piece for kids to enjoy. This comic-style poster features Jesse the Bear dealing with some vaccine anxiety. Another great resource from the First Nations Health Authority!

Find more tips and tools in the BCACHC Vaccine Confidence Resources Library!