Vaccine Confidence is in our Hands! New resources for Health Providers

BCACHC has been working hard over the last year to understand the needs of health providers when it comes to supporting vaccine confidence. Particularly within Community Health Centres (CHCs), where vaccines were not administered on site - what is the role of health professionals in answering questions, guiding curiosity, and addressing misinformation?

While vaccine rates are strong in many sub-populations across BC, there are structural and political reasons for low rates in other communities. While we can’t reach everyone with the same silver-bullet message, there is a clear opportunity to be a trusted voice fostering confidence in vaccines, particularly as boosters, child vaccines, and variants come into focus.

In our research for this project, we heard from CHCs that they are looking for easy-to-find and easy-to-use tools to support vaccine confidence. We are happy to play a role in gathering, filtering, and creating high-quality tools that reflect CHC values, as well as best practices in public health.


For a litmited time only, BCACHC is offering FREE resources to CHC members. From April 4th-14th, you can use this form to order materials to help foster vaccine confidence in your community. Order during the give-away window and receive FREE posters, buttons, stickers, and one-pagers on your doorstep. Not a BCACHC member? Contact us for more information about downloading materials for print. 



Check out a few of the great new tools we have developed for health providers:

One-pagers for communicating about vaccine hesitancy

Persona One-Pagers

These handy tools can be printed out and kept close by in clinical offices or behind the front desk. The goal is to bring together key messages, useful resources, and tangible take-aways to address the specific concerns your patients have with vaccinations. Pull out the appropriate one-pager when you encounter someone who is skeptical about vaccinations, concerned about the impacts of being vaccinated, those interested in building skills to address vaccine hesitancy among friends or family, parents who have questions about vaccinating their children, and those who are curious about boosters.

Each of these groups has a different story behind their vaccine hesitancy. While CHCs have access to information about the COVID -19 vaccines, they have expressed that the information is often difficult to access and utilize when it is most needed. The core theme of our vaccine confidence resources is to use these groups as Patient Personas to guide how we curate, organize, and package resources for CHCs. Check out all of the one-pagers through the button below, and find resources for each individual persona in our Resource Library.


There are lots of great visual tools about COVID-19 vaccines, but not all are framed through the lens of community health. We decided to create a few family-friendly poster designs for CHCs to use in their waiting rooms or websites to help disrupt the narrative that vaccines are just an individual choice without collective consequences.

Social media series

This series of social media graphics depict different kinds of people promoting vaccines, based on their value of specific relationships. This aligns with our overall strategy to consider the variety of reasons that people choose to - or choose not to - get vaccinated and boosted. By showing a diversity of motivations, all rooted in love for one another, we strived to share consistent health messages while reflecting many stories.

Find more tips and tools in the BCACHC Vaccine Confidence Resources Library!

Ordering resources

We hope you enjoy the resources we’ve highlighted here, and we invite you to get in touch to inquire about printing, downloading, or ordering resources. Afterall, sometimes we just need to make public health a little more fun. Send us an email if you’d like to order some buttons or stickers for your front desk! We can all play a part in shifting the narrative and boosting vaccine confidence in our communities.

Our Resource Give-away for BCACHC Members is on until April 14th, 2022!