Solutions for BC Health Reform: The Power of Communities

Almost one million British Columbians will experience a mental health or substance use issue of varying severity and types this and every year…That is one in five of us.

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Read the latest from BCACHC Executive Director, Val St. John, about the role that CHCs can play in addressing the BC health care crisis, and why CHCs should be funded separately from other health models. 

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A solution to the BC health care crisis

Looking for a family physician in BC? You’re not alone. Much has been written about the health care crisis in BC and the lack of access to primary care providers - such as doctors and nurse practitioners.  Government has been working hard to develop strategies to increase access to care and has recently announced a new compensation model for doctors and is working to expand the number of practitioners by offering accelerated credentialing for internationally educated clinicians to certify to work in BC.  These initiatives and many others will help to increase access to care but in our view the solution offered by the community health centre model (CHC) is being disregarded.