Patient Safety

Common incidents include medication errors, hospital-acquired infections, and patient falls, but the incidents can occur throughout the continuum of care and are harming more patients than is acceptable. All types of harm must be considered in the work of patient safety, including inequities, power imbalances and systemic oppression.

Health organizations and care providers worldwide are coming together to change the narrative and protect their patients. And there is hope – experts suggest that 50% of patient harm incidents are preventable2-3.

Below are some key resources about patient safety for those who would like to learn more about patient safety and how to address this ongoing global healthcare challenge.

Healthcare Excellence Canada: Canadian Patient Safety Week

A collection of resources and posts from the 2023 Canadian Patient Safety Week, including some of the featured resources below.

Canadian Patient Safety Week: Rethinking Patient Safety Webinar

A recording of an interactive online discussion among a panel of patient safety experts. The webinar delves into what “safety” means, recognizing broader forms of harm, how to establish safe conditions that go beyond preventing harm, and the roles that everyone plays in delivering or receiving care.

Rethinking Patient Safety Action Series

An online learning series for care teams to learn more about patient safety and equip them with the tools and knowledge necessary to adopt a proactive safety approach. The Healthcare Excellence Canada approach to care further expands what we normally consider harm, acknowledging the impact of psychological harm and the importance of cultural safety in healthcare.

Rethinking Patient Safety: A Discussion Guide for Patients, Healthcare Providers and Leaders

A discussion guide emphasizing the critical role that everyone plays in patient safety and how patients, healthcare providers, and leaders can work together to learn and take action to improve patient safety.

Rethinking Patient Safety: Activity Cards

Activity cards to guide reflection and discussions about patient safety, such as hosting a conversation on rethinking patient safety, and an activity exploring legacy practices.

Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI): Patient Safety

The CIHI has numerous reports, podcasts, and educational resources available on patient safety.

World Health Organization (WHO): Patient Safety

The WHO has put together a comprehensive summary of key facts and statistics on patient safety, along with a list of WHO initiatives to bring awareness to this critical topic.