Community Health Centres in BC Infographic

How do you describe the Community Health Centre model? CHCs in BC are defined by a set of principles and values that are hard to depict. To help communicate about this unique way of building health and social service designs, BCACHC has designed a visual tool.

In British Columbia (BC), CHCs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, because each one is designed and governed by the community it serves. Through this resource, we demonstrate the broad reach of the CHC model across rural, remote, and urban settings. It also helps visualize the values at the heart of the CHC movement - equitable access, integrated social determinants and health promotion programs, community governance, and interdisciplinary service-delivery.

Use this infographic as a slide in your presentation, as a print out in your classroom, as a graphic on your website, or a poster in your office.

Are you part of an emerging Community Health Centre? You might be interested in this related infographic depicting the Roadmap to a CHC. This tool helps communicate the steps toward funding and approval of your service model. Reach out to BCACHC for more support navigating these steps!

This infographic depicts CHCs in various locations, providing all kinds of care, including primary care, health promotion services, and programs targeting the social determinants of health. Text boxes read: CHCs are multi-service, multi-disciplinary organizations that help ensure that everyone in BC has access to the right care provider at the right time. CHCs make an essential contribution to the health and wellbeing of BC communities - particularly among under-served populations who struggle to access appropriate care. CHCs are community-governed centres with integrated primary care teams alongside services and programs to promote healthy living and community wellbeing. As non-profit organizations, they are designed to be responsive to the unique needs of the community.