Communications Toolkit | Team-Based Care : Back to Basics


Team-Based Care (TBC) is a healthcare delivery model where many health professionals work together to support a patient’s needs.

For healthcare workers, TBC can lead to higher job satisfaction, decreased workloads, increased work-life balance, and prevention of burnout. For patients, TBC can mean greater continuity of care, improved access to care, and improved health and wellness for people with chronic conditions.

While the benefits of TBC are well documented, it has not been universally adopted in BC. There are many reasons for this, including a lack of time, staff turnover, misunderstandings about TBC, and resistance to change. A provincial Team-Based Care Advisory Group sees the potential to change this.

The Advisory Group is made up of partners throughout the health system and guides work across the province to accelerate its transition to TBC. Administered by Health Quality BC (HQBC), the group has developed a dedicated TBC website and dozens of resources, tools, and learning opportunities to support this transition.

With the website complete and resources in place, the next step is to raise awareness of these assets.

About This Toolkit

The content and resources in this toolkit will help teams plan to implement team-based care in their primary care practices. It will help them set goals, create a plan of action, and set their intentions for their team or practices by using SMART goals and team visioning tools.

Highlighted Resources

You’re ready to create a team-based care work environment – now what? Planning ahead and preparing as a team is helpful – and that means beginning with the basics.

To help support all our learning and practice, no matter how familiar we are, here are some more resources and tools to guide our conversations:

Team Effectiveness Tool: The Team Effectiveness Tool is a short, multiple-choice assessment tool that gathers information about your team’s values, communication, roles, and existing supports to help guide your learning on team-based care.

Team-Based Care Preparation Checklist: This tool asks questions to help explore a team’s readiness for team-based care.

Teamwork Agreement: A great place to start when building a new team or refreshing team vision, purpose and goals.

Team Up! Podcast: Getting to the “How” of Team-Based Care: This podcast shares the audio from a webinar that featured a dialogue circle with five care providers from around BC. They shared their experiences on the “how” of creating team-based care in their primary care practices.

Redesigning Your Work Space to Support Team-Based Care: Four key workspace design elements that can help make teams more effective.