Building Ties with the Health System
Embed a social determinants of health lens in all clinical work and specifically include the integration of social services and social care into the CHCs.

Calls for more CHCs in BC

Community coalitions have always recognized the value of having community-governed health systems. This multi-faceted group is calling for a stronger investment in the CHC model - for the good of everyone.

"From our perspective, the Community Health Centre model provides the integrated health, social, and mental health care that will be most effective in meeting the complex and diverse needs of the ethnocultural communities we serve. We strongly believe that because Community Health Centres (CHCs) are governed by and responsive to the communities they serve, they are the ideal model to integrate the recommendations we have identified as critical to improving access to appropriate care for BC’s diverse ethnocultural communities. We also understand that there are many other British Columbians (e.g. low-income seniors, single parents, at-risk youth, First Nations, rural communities etc.) who would benefit from having access to a Community Health Centre and we are committed to working with these groups to build broad support for the Community Health Centre model." 

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