On the Blog: CHCs are a Game-Changer

On the Blog:

Our latest blog was written by BCACHC volunteer, Patricia Balmes, who brings the perspective of a UBC undergraduate student who has a keen interest in CHCs. She is hoping to attend medical school and I hope she will end up working at a CHC!


Here's a preview:

1 in 5 British Columbians are unattached. This means 1 in 5 British Columbians do not have reliable access to primary care, with devastating implications for their health and our healthcare system. 

My family struggled with this very problem when we first moved here. In fact, it took us 8 years to get a family doctor.  My mother constantly struggled to get appointments at drop-in clinics for regular prescription refills for her blood pressure medication. My parents constantly debated what to do when one of us got sick, not wanting to burden the already packed emergency rooms but not wanting to risk our health by waiting until we can finally book an appointment as unattached patients to nearby clinics. 

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