BCACHC Newsletter Summer 2022

This image is a link to download the Fall 2021 BCACHC Newsletter.

Updates from BCACHC

Every few months we publish a newsletter with an update about our recent activities.

This summer, our newsletter focuses on the crisis of primary care access in BC. As this recent article points out, "British Columbia has about 6,800 family doctors by training, but less than half of them are practicing traditional family medicine."

BCACHC is committed to advocating for the CHC model as a response to the growing gaps in care access. Community Health Centres are an excellent way to organize health teams, and we are proud to represent over 30 Community Health Centres in BC.

This update outlines a few of the ways we are working with communities, health professionals, and public representatives to make sure CHCs get the support they need to thrive. The road is long, but we are driven by our vision: Individuals and families throughout BC are achieving their best health through access to personalized, and community-driven health and social services.

We also have a number of programs and activities on the go, and we've selected a date for our 2022 Annual General Meeting. 

Read the newsletter here!