BCACHC Annual General Meeting 2020
Published: September 7, 2020
This has been an unprecedented year for all of us as we grapple with COVID and the myriad ways it has impacted our lives. As we look back to the year we have had and ahead at the year before us, we want to take a moment to thank all of you for the awe-inspiring work you continue to engage in as you support the health and well-being of your communities.
Spring 2020 Newsletter

A Year in Review

Our 2020 AGM was a great success, and we appreciate the time and energy of all of our participating members. We know how difficult this year has been, and the AGM was a good opportunity to connect around what matters most. We were happy to report on the growth of BCACHC and the plans we have for the year ahead. 

Download the 2020 report and consider joining us next year!