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We work to amplify the voice, presence, and influence of Community Health Centres (CHCs) to advance policy and systems change. BCACHC is a strong advocate for the CHC sector as a whole, particularly around sustainable funding to support the model.

Raising awareness about CHCs

CHCs are a great way to do business. These centres focus on the health of the whole community, preventing long-term health system costs.

CHCs Save Lives

Rural Community Health Centres play a significant role in keeping patients close to home for care. Sometimes, it's the difference between life or death. Read more about this recent patient experience at Sun Peaks CHC.

“I’m very thankful. If it wasn’t for that, I don’t know where I’d be,” said Norman. “Would I be here today? I don’t know.”

CHCs in the Media

"Community based health care is growing in Kamloops and it could mean more doctors, happier nurses and patients who have access to counseling and other forms of therapy."

Have a listen to this radio programming featuring Kamloops-area CHCs like STEPS CHC and Sun Peaks CHC. 

BCACHC in the Media

The shortage of Primary Care across BC is getting more and more attention. BCACHC Executive Director Val St. John describes the Community Health Centre model and its impact across BC (here focusing on Vancouver Island). 

Health Reform in the Media

"[C]ommunity healthcare centres would solve many problems, including the burden many family physicians have when running their own business."

CHCs deserve support

The Community Health Centre model is a proven, stable, and consistent primary care delivery model that is cost effective and produces better health outcomes. Our member CHCs report high levels of job satisfaction among their integrated, multi-disciplinary teams.

This model not only improves quality of life and work satisfaction for primary care providers, which leads to higher retention, but also makes the best use of their skills, talents, knowledge

CHCs need separate funding

The current Primary Care Network (PCN) framework for funding care does not align with Community Health Centre principles and inhibits CHC growth, development and our capacity to serve the needs of communities and specific population groups in BC. Our position is that:

(1) CHCs should be looked at as a solution to health care access for communities and

(2) A separate funding model should be created to assist with the development and the operation of these health centres.

CHCs are a win for everyone

Hear from Community Health Centres in BC about how the model brings our the best in everyone, from clinicians to patients to governments and funders. Change is needed in Primary Care, and the CHC model is a key solution!

STEPS CHC Kamloops: Effective, equity-driven, team-base care

How does team-based care work in a Community Health Centre setting? Watch this video and learn more about STEPS, a CHC in Kamloops that brings together a unique set of services and supports to improve wellbeing in their community. Just imagine what this team could do with stable funding for their programs and staff.

Sun Peaks CHC: Solutions for rural and remote communities

What would you do if the closest care was an hour away? Watch this video and learn more about Sun Peaks CHC, a rural-based CHC in a mountain community that bridges the gap in access and minimizes the need for trips to the emergency room. Long-term funding solutions are needed to keep centres like this running.

Amplifying the voice of community

At present, only 7 of the 30 operational CHCs in B.C. are funded by the BC government.  They are not, however, funded for 100% of their operations.  The current mechanism to receive funding is through a collaboration process with a regional Primary Care Network created to develop regional health service plans and allocate funding to agencies to support the delivery of primary care services. 

At best, a CHC could receive funding for a few health care practitioners through the PCN process - not nearly enough for the robust services CHCs provide. Communities decide what their needs are, communities govern the centres that provide the care and government funds an integrated model working with the CHCs to measure outcomes and ensure accountability, and most importantly, patients benefit from improved access and better overall health and social outcomes.

Sustainable CHCs

Sustainable CHCs

BCACHC advocates for sustainable funding for CHCs and for an approach to funding that supports the full implementation of the CHC model.

Community-led CHCs

Community-led CHCs

BCACHC advocates for community voices to be heard and strives for community involvement in health care planning

Increase in CHCs

Increase in CHCs

BCACHC advocates for CHCs to become an accessible and preferred model for community-based care, and for an increase in the number of CHCs in the province.

Supported CHCs

Supported CHCs

BCACHC advocates for resources, services, and tools for CHCs to support our members and the vital role they play within health and social service sectors.

Research on CHCs


BCACHC works with our partners to advance a clear message: Communities want support for a wrap-around approach to care delivered by a multidisciplinary team that integrates social justice principles and addresses the social determinants of health. Read more about the latest research on the Community Health Centre model.

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