Amplifying the Voice of CHCs

We work to amplify the voice, presence, and influence of Community Health Centres (CHCs) to advance policy and systems change. BCACHC is a strong advocate for the CHC sector as a whole, particularly around sustainable funding to support the model.

We aim to create health and social systems that foster the development of CHCs as an accessible and preferred model for community-based care, while supporting our members to activate all five CHC principles. In alignment with those principles, BCACHC also advocates for policies to address the social determinants and social justice issues with provincial, national, and international CHC partners.

Sustainable CHCs

Sustainable CHCs

BCACHC advocates for sustainable funding for CHCs and for an approach to funding that supports the full implementation of the CHC model.

Increase in CHCs

Increase in CHCs

BCACHC advocates for CHCs to become an accessible and preferred model for community-based care, and for an increase in the number of CHCs in the province.

Supported CHCs

Supported CHCs

BCACHC advocates for resources, services, and tools for CHCs to support our members and the vital role they play within health and social service sectors.

Partnership Table

In late 2020, BCACHC and the Ministry of Health co-chaired the first meeting of the provincial CHC Partnership Table, bringing together 32 representatives from community and government. The Table aims to increase the visibility of CHCs and support integration with BC's primary care system. By including Health Authorities and a range of Ministries, the Table is a meaningful step toward providing communities with access to the social determinants of health, which are not always funded through Ministry of Health funding for primary care services.

Research on CHCs


BCACHC works with our partners to advance a clear message: Communities want support for a wrap-around approach to care delivered by a multidisciplinary team that integrates social justice principles and addresses the social determinants of health. Read more about the latest research on the Community Health Centre model.

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