About CHCs

What is a Community Health Centre?

Community Health Centres (CHCs) are multi-sector health and healthcare organizations that deliver integrated, people-centred services and programs that reflect the needs and priorities of the diverse communities they serve.

Community Health Centres are created by not-for-profit organizations and co-operatives that are committed to providing comprehensive, accessible, affordable, and culturally-appropriate services through a collaborative team approach. CHCs adhere to five key principles:

Interprofessional care

Interprofessional Care

CHCs provide collaborative services through an integrated multi-disciplinary team-based primary health care team.

Wrap-around approach

Wrap-around Approach

CHCs offer programs and services for healthy living and community well-being in addition to primary care.



CHCs are governed by community members and focused on community priorities.

Working “upstream”

Working “upstream”

CHCs actively address the “social determinants of health”, like access to food, housing, education, and the supports needed to thrive.



CHCs demonstrate a commitment to fairness, and to the values of health equity and social justice.

Unique model of care

CHCs focus on the health of the whole community, preventing long-term health system costs. The true value of a CHC is much greater than the sum of its parts. Learn more about this unique model of care.