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Here for CHCs

Everyone in BC deserves access to personalized and community-driven health and social services. Community Health Centres (CHCs) are designed to provide services and address wellness gaps. As champions of the CHC model, BCACHC exists to engage and support CHCs as we advocate together for this unique model of care.

What is a CHC?

What is a CHC?

The Community Health Centre model has existed in BC for over 50 years. Learn more about this unique model of delivering health and wellness services.

Why should I join BCACHC?

Why should I join BCACHC?

Our association works to engage, support, and advocate for existing and aspiring CHC teams across the province. Find out how!

What we are advocating for?

What issues are CHCs facing?

CHCs are much more powerful when we come together and call for change with one voice. Take a closer look at our key priorities.

Latest updates

BCACHC represents a strong network of communities, organizations, and partners with a shared passion for advancing CHC model. Explore our latest updates for news about our collaborative projects and stories from the BCACHC team.

CHCs are the future of health care

We work to amplify the voice, presence, and influence of Community Health Centres (CHCs) to advance policy and systems change. BCACHC is a strong advocate for the CHC sector as a whole, particularly around sustainable funding to support the model.

Our members drive change

While we are spread across the province, BCACHC member CHCs are all linked by a shared commitment to the value of health equity and by a shared desire to embody the five principles of the CHC model.

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